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With a background in engineering and electronics, I figured it was time to play around with some of the 3d aspects of AutoCad as I began to try and design the control panel. Heres what I came out with for a initial design:

  • The button layout I'm considering using:


  • The Cab design rendered: (its going to hinge at the front when its complete)


  •  The cab not skinned:


More drawings and upgrades to these ones as my project moves forward!

I had my Cad files up for download, but after a couple of days, and 10 or 15 e-mails demanding changes, and wanting PDF versions etc.. I took down all my designs. If you would like them for personal use, contact me using the feedback page. I've designed the cab in AutoCad, and each item, buttons, Super Joysticks, etc. is accurate to 0.001"

After discussion on the BYOAC Boards, here's a couple of circuits for powering on and off a pc inside a authentic cab with very few modifications, based on the position of a standard jamma cab power switch that I've designed. I can produce them based on request, I'm still not sure on the cost, contact me if your interested in one.

Thanks to both Peale, and Krick for whom this circuit was designed, its now available to everyone wanting to add this feature to their cabinet. 2 circuits follow, they both have the same functionality, with very slightly different design.

The circuits below sense either the on or off position of the factory power switch, and

a circuit with 2 555 timers, with adjustable on/off pulse widths.

same circuit, which utilizes one 1 556 timer.

This is the last I'm doing with this idea for now, below, 2 circuits. They do the same thing, sort of. They monitor the cab power state, and the computer power state, if the cab is on, and the computer is off, it sends a adjustable 0-2 second "ON" pulse to the computer every 10 seconds (adjustable 0-20sec) until it starts. If the cab is off, and the computer is on, it sends a adjustable 0-10 second "Off" pulse every 20 seconds (adjustable 0-60sec) until its off. They need tweaking, and you can mix/match the gate logic and pulse gens as you like. They haven't been tested, but should work. I wouldn't build these unless you have some basic knowledge of electronics as they still need a little work.

The above circuits are of my design, although they are based on standard 555 wiring practices they may be replicated and built for personal use, but are not to be utilized for any commercial product.

design 2004 Garrett Sloan, all rights reserved.



Thoughts and Ideas I've had late at night. (or while I was sleeping/drunk)

  •  Trackball mouse hack - I'm going to hack a mouse for the trackball, but with some twists, including a separate control for a custom spinner, with menu control. More info when I have it.
  • Color changing and cycling trackball, the faster you spin it, the faster it changes....
  • "Real" bump sensing for pinball, Get rid of those extra buttons and add "real" bump sensing....
  • "Special" Molding.






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