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  Here's a few of what I found to be the most helpful sites out there when it comes to building a cab.

Major Arcade Controls and Information Sites:

  • Build Your Own Arcade Controls
    • The difinitive starting point if you ever even think about starting something like this. Saint has put together the single best site out there on cabinets and building. The message boards are the best place to find out information and get help.
  • Ultimarc
    • The Ultimate in Arcade Controls. The best way to interface any cabinet, or arcade panel to any PC. Trackballs, spinners, joysticks, monitors, etc.. you name it. If it goes into a cabinet, Andy has a interface to make it work.
  • MameWorld
    • Very helpfull site. The Largest Mame Resource on the Net. If your looking for information on Emulation, Emulators, anything really to do with a Mame Cab, This is the place to find out whats out there. Also home of a great bunch of message boards relating to all things Mame.
  • The Real Bob Roberts
    • The first place you should look when your looking for parts for your cab. Be it joysticks, buttons, cabling, crimps, or even that ever elusive UPC1397C IC, he's got it, and he has the best prices around.
  • Randy Fromm's Arcade School
    • More information about the hardware behind the cabinet than you could ever want. Technical info and manuals for most arcade monitors, troubleshooting guides, CRT replacement information and guides.



Other peoples sites with great information & Special Thanks:

  • The Massive Mame Project
    • Theres not too much more I can say about this site, other than its a definite must see. With over 20 detailed cab builds, and being the Canadian Oscar distributor, Zakk's got it all! Thanks for the great support Zakk!



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