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Welcome to my Mame site!

Well, I've finally decided after many many years to build up a Mame Cabinet..... For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, check out the links to the left. Everything here is really ugly at the moment, and as I get time, I'm going to get the site fixed up. For now, its all about the Cab......

A love of classic games, computers, and Interesting collectables for my rec room finally came together all at once.. and DaCab (to be renamed as soon as I can think of something better) was born.....

10/30/07 - Oh wow.. how time flies... Well, just a quick update, the project was never abandoned, just hasn't fully reached 100% completion. Its currently running, and has been for 3 years now, just needs a couple minor touches, and a new monitor (again) Moving domains I needed to repost this, I'll update it this winter when I'm working on the machine again...

07/07/04 - Finally built the CP! its getting there, It's now painted black, and I need to update its page, but its getting there! Also added my mouse hack, there's many more to come as soon as I have time to document them. I'm too busy building them right now to write about them, but there are some cool things coming..... Check back.... Constructions been a little slow lately. Wifes getting grumpy (only 2 months to go till she pops!) So my times been taken up with doctors visits, prenatal classes, and I just have to get the new room ready for the baby. I can't wait to initiate another member into the Mame community.... ;-)

06/28/04 - update to the cabinet pages, added page 4. Major update coming after Wednesday.... I'm finally building the CP on Wednesday. I just received my act-labs Light gun (By the way, best shipping I've ever had! ordered it late Thursday, confirmation of shipment on Friday, and it showed up Monday!) Time to dismantle it for a few hacks. Looking at how its build, there may be a few "kinky" things coming, but those will be after I get the main gun up and running.

I also now have completed my Trackball hack and its ready to go, (circuits & hack to come soon, fading trackball light, with speed sensitive rate....) I also received my Ipac2 (Thanks Andy! Can't wait to play) I've also got a auxiliary panel circuit for it, with an additional up to 28 non-priority inputs (coming soon)


 Ultimarc               BYOAC 



Click above to play Centipiede

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