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Time to get this cabinet into shape, and get it ready for its new control panel.
I figured out where I'd have to cut the cab to get the new control panel to fit. Its a bit hard to see now, but you can just make out the pencil line.
While I was working on marking up the cab for its modifications, I get the youngest cab builder around to start ripping apart the control panel that came on the machine. The boss was a little upset that I had him working on the cab, when he should have been getting ready for bed.....  DCP_0121.JPG (435033 bytes)
DCP_0122.JPG (266648 bytes) The first side gets marked up and cut off. This will be where the new control panel mounts up. DCP_0123.JPG (382919 bytes)
The first sides cut, and the second side is scored for cutting. DCP_0125.JPG (349040 bytes)

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